[Marxism] Right-Wingers in Deep Denial

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Thu May 6 07:38:04 MDT 2004

  Marx said that Hegel hadn't fully explained the qualitative distinction
between the first and second time in history's repetititions.  Somehow I
think the metaphor could be applied to some sexual encounters too, the
second album of most rockers, and other things like that..


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  > I spend a bit of time every day, when I can find the time after
  > monitoring the basic U.S. right-wing Web sites that get lots of hits
  > www.drudgereport.com,  www.newsmax.com and www.worldnetdaily.com to see
  > they're spewing out and spinning on various topics of the day.  The
  > Report is covering the torture revelations from Iraq.  But the two more
  > ultra-right Web sites are having a hard time finding much to say about
it or
  > they are still in deep denial.  News Max is running a story today
  > "New Revelations Show Some Iraq Prison 'Abuse' Justified"  and another
  > about an Iraqi prison abuse victim who, despite it all, wants to come
  > live in America.  The ironical thing is that the sexual content of these
  > photos is probably going to be harder for these reactionary types to
  > than the obscenely violent photos from this war or from Vietnam such as
  > infamous Pulitzer Prize winning photo of the screaming little girl
  > down the street after having been napalmed.
  > What did Marx say about first time tragedy and second time farce?
  > jay
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