[Marxism] Right-Wingers in Deep Denial

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Thu May 6 07:48:39 MDT 2004

Jay says:

>The ironical thing is that the sexual content of these photos is 
>probably going to be harder for these reactionary types to handle 
>than the obscenely violent photos from this war or from Vietnam such 
>as the infamous Pulitzer Prize winning photo of the screaming little 
>girl running down the street after having been napalmed.

Precisely.  The right have a stock response to images of violence -- 
"war is hell" -- which can resonate beyond the right-wing universe. 
They have _no_ stock response to images of American enjoyment of 
sexual torture and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners -- because there 
can't be any that can rationalize them within their official 
ideological framework.

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