[Marxism] Yahoo shenanigans

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 6 08:57:23 MDT 2004

Just got this mail from Barry Cohen from the Committees of 
Correspondence and the portside mailing list. With all the ruckus about 
Howard Stern and Michael Moore getting censored, one wonders if there is 
pressure on yahoo.com as well to silence leftist voices. That's another 
reason to steer clear of them, not to speak of the intrusive ads.

Barry Cohen wrote:
> Folks,
> Our Bear Without Borders group at yahoo was summarily
> eliminated by yahoogroups yesterday, without explanation (or
> cause) or means of appeal. (They also 'disappeared' all the
> other groups which I established there. portside -- the
> largest such group -- has been relocated to
> http://www.portside.org .)
> So, in consultation with Hunter, I've established a new
> group with the same name at people-link, which is a host
> that serves movement causes. Please enter the new email in
> your address book:
> BearWithoutBorders at people-link5.inch.com
> If you think we've missed someone while establishing the
> new group, please write in, or have the person write in. We
> don't want to leave anyone -- man, woman or child -- behind
> ;)
> best
> Barry Cohen
> _______________________________________________
> Bearwithoutborders mailing list
> Bearwithoutborders at people-link5.inch.com
> http://people-link5.inch.com/mailman/listinfo/bearwithoutborders
> .


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