[Marxism] Nader an alternative?

Dirk Homann donidirk at msn.com
Thu May 6 09:58:54 MDT 2004

I'm a little confused. Nader has called for the withdrawal of troops 
immediately and unconditionally from Iraq. Not sure about his stance on 
Haiti, will look that up. He has spoken out in countless neighborhood that 
have successfully opposed Wal-Mart, and has always been working toward the 
health care and the progressive tax. Is he supposed to be fanged because he 
is not marxist? Hmmm, and Kucinich, represented as the lessest of the 
lessers? He is determined to be a diehard Democrat. I don't understand. I 
think Nader has given much more than an hour of his time for the last thirty 
plus years, and I don't think he ever "posed" as anything but who he is. 
Where is that I am disallusioned here?

I see the point though. Be the government that you are. But I just wonder 
why the vitriol against my man? xodm

E.g., I posed as a Dem for the first time sine 1972, got three strong 
resolutons passed in the precinct caucus demanding they withdraw troops 
immediately and unconditionally from Iraq, and Haiti, plus oppose a local 
Wal-Mart, plus pass universal single-payer health-care financed by 
progressive tax on wealth and income. not bad for an hour's work.

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