[Marxism] Once more on Nader

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Thu May 6 14:18:37 MDT 2004

I'd like to offer some feedback on Nader.

In my view, the case for voting Nader is not to be found either in the 
specificities of his politics, nor in one's view of the electoral system, 
but in how one breaks the ideological deadlock of the Republicrat system.  
Isn't it perfectly clear that a large vote for Nader today would be even 
MORE subversive than a vote for George McGovern in 1972?  In today's 
"post-ideological" ideological matrix, it is time to assert the necessity of 
divisive politics.  Nader is despised by the Democratic Leadership Council 
precisely because he has the capacity to prove their maxims about the 
impossibility of left-wing electoral success in the US wrong.  The DLC 
considers Howard Dean to be hard-left.  The DLC considers anyone to the left 
of Eisenhower to be hard-left.  Their present strength, not just within the 
Democrat Party but also within mainstream liberalism, is related to the fact 
that so far they have had the run of things.  Mondale, McGovern etc. 
"proved" that you can't be too radical.

Acknowledging that WHOEVER we vote for, the impact is largely going to be in 
terms of the symbolic order, rather than the economic structure, we had best 
work for the result that will best favour the kind of ideological climate 
that socialists need to work in and thrive.  A large vote for Nader, even 
5%, would make a satisfactory move in that direction.

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