[Marxism] Comments from a psychiatric nurse [Doctor Proyect?]

Rachel Mendoza aka at cts.com
Thu May 6 15:36:00 MDT 2004

> steve heeren wrote:
> > I have no sympathy for this rightwing libertarian, Louis, but do you
> > or not that "mental illness" is a misnomer, if not a myth? He has been
> > saying this repetitively since 1959. Your comments overall suggest that
> > buy the medical model in regards to mental distress.

Doctor Proyect responded:

> I have no idea why this is so controversial. As John Olmsted has pointed 
> out, x-rays reveal distinct patterns in schizophrenia just as they do in 
> Alzheimers. We are dealing with chemistry at the very bottom. The brain 
> is a big bunch of cells transmitting information. If a computer can 
> malfunction, so can a brain. 

Medicating a kidnapping 
By Rachel Mendoza

[Man has been kept in a closet for 15 straight days with no water or sleep.
Afterward, the victim is dropped off anonymously at a local hospital. The
man cannot speak and is clearly acting paranoid and having a conversation
with someone not present.]

The doctor pulls out his trusty X-ray machine:

NURSE: "Doctor, this man has been beaten...."

DOCTOR: "Nonsense! His brain has obviously malfunctioned. He's talking to
himself. He's gone mad!"

NURSE: "But doctor, this man's face is covered in blood."

[brain scan and X-rays are taken...]

DOCTOR: "Oh silly nurse: Look at these brain patterns, this man clearly is
suffering from schizophrenia!"

NURSE: "But doctor, the body works as a whole unit...the brain is nothing
without the heart."

DOCTOR: "Nurse please, I am an expert! I never doubt technology or my
analysis! I went to Harvard and studied under the most brilliant X-Ray man
in the history of western medicine!"

NURSE: "Yes, be that as it may, this man is obviously sleep deprived and

DOCTOR: "So are you saying he has Alzheimers?"

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