[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 6 16:13:04 MDT 2004

Peter Anestos:
>The silliness and confusion of these remarks expresses
>the profound demoralization of today's
>post-modernists.  It is wrong in so many ways, not
>least as the negation of everything Lenin ever said,
>wrote, or practiced.

Peter, this is not the way we express ourselves on Marxmail. On the 
subscription page we try to establish some ground-rules. One of them is:

"The Marxism mailing list is extremely permissive. There is only one thing 
that is frowned upon strongly. If you come to the list with the attitude 
that you are a true Bolshevik, who needs to convert 'Mensheviks' to your 
beliefs, you will be unsubbed."

Talking about the negation of Lenin, etc. is a step down a slippery slope. 
If you want to remain a subscriber, you will have to avoid holding people 
to litmus tests on Nader, etc. Okay?

Louis Proyect
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