[Marxism] RE: Curing Schizophrenia

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu May 6 17:28:32 MDT 2004


Here is a fairly typical medical site, with fairly typical commentary 
regarding schizoprenia, Lou.  One can quickly see, that mixed messages are 
being thrown out.   You can see that why a 100% cure is never claimed, it 
appears that something quite close to that is.   That's becauuse the medical 
system pushes for strict compliance with their currently vogue sets of 
medication guidlines.   So success is always held to be within reach for the 
patient and upset relatives, and always at the most negligible cost.   Truth 
is much less prettier though.

This list is actually having several parallel discussions.  Some are talking 
about pharmaceuticals used for treatment of depression, and some are talking 
about pharmaceutical treatment of one particular catch-all diagnosis, 
schizophrenia.  And some are talking about medications in general being 
overused in the arena of all psychiatric disorders or conditions.  And some 
of just talking about pharmaceuticals abuse by the system overall, in both 
medical and psych areas.  And the general discussion is getting totally 
mixed up into a free for all, with all themes running together.

I am not against pharmaceutical treatment for psych disorders. I am not even 
particularly against recreational use of medication.  Medications have a 
multitude of uses and abuses, and they should neither be demonized, or held 
up as being miracle stuff.  I believe, though, that the medical system in 
the US does just both, and it is this inconsistency that is the real problem 
in discussing these issues here on this list.

There are those that feel meds are doing much more than they really are 
doing to relieve medical and/ or psych problems, and there are those who 
respond to this with an outraged attack that tends to mainly be almost a 
Libertarian response to just one angle of the whole med-drug debate, that of 
the issue of people being forced or conned into taking what are really very 
dangerous meds.   This is certainly a huge problem, and it should not be 
sluffed off as the medical establishment constantly does.

None of that is to say, that pharmaceuticals certainly do have some function 
in the treatment of both depressive psychosis, and also varying types of 
schizophrenia, Lou.  I leave off here, since the kids are still screaming 
across the house.  Sorry about the poor editing and wrong header on my 
previous comment on this issue.

Maybe a post on the Tylenol vs Aspirin issue later on can help put the drug/ 
med debate in a less emotional light?  Certianly, emotions will not be so 
flamed on this matter, and it might help to shed some light on how the 
system deals with medication issues in general.  In short, what appears at 
first glance to be TRUTH and SCIENCE is not always the case in the wacky 
world of profit driven medical delivery systems.


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