[Marxism] Comments from a psychiatric nurse [holy man sues anelk...?]

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu May 6 17:39:35 MDT 2004

Jim Farmelant wrote:
> [clip]
> Symbolic interactionists, including labeling theorists, hold
> that self-Image is constructed through interactions with others:
> in other words, the self is a social construct, as George
> Herbert Mead had held long ago.
> Labeling theorists draw a distinction between what they call
> primary deviance (behavior that's a product of biological, psychological,
> social factors) 


Notice, assuming the correctness of this, the _result_ of this "social
construct" is physical change in the brain. And since the self-image
necessarily exists in the circuits of the brain, even though it is
socially constructed it can be affected by physical happenings in the
brain. (The effect of alcohol is only the most obvious.)

So even if a given mental illness is the result wholly of social causes,
it can still be affected either by chemical intervention _or_ further
social interaction (e.g., therapy, higher pay, escape from a burdensome
marriage) or both.



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