[Marxism] RE: Curing Schizophrenia

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu May 6 21:30:16 MDT 2004

Lou, I saw two different things being said here by you, and I still do.

Medications help in some cases with  treatment of some forms of what is 
called schziophrenia and major depression.   More often than not, the help 
is actually less than than what is predicted by the doctor that which will 
actually be delivered.  And concurrently, the actual side effects and 
dangers of these drugs is actually much greater than that which is talked 
about, or imagined beforehand by doctors.

Lou's second comment...

"Although there is no current schizophrenia cure, the combination therapy
and drug schizophrenia treatment effectively controls the disordered
symptoms enabling the patient to live more functional lives."

This was exactly the point I made.
Lou's first comment....

But this is not true. When is the last time you heard of schizophrenics
living outside of closely supervised group homes (at best) or fending for
themselves just because they take some medication. It is generally
understood that medication can allow a rather modest level of functioning
at best. In my entire time working in various NYC businesses and
nonprofits, I can't think of a single schizophrenic who held down a job as
a programmer or any other kind of stressful job. Tom Harrell is an
accomplished jazz trumpeter but he has major problems keeping up with even
this rather unstructured profession.

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