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Fri May 7 08:08:36 MDT 2004

Jeremy Rifkin's book "The Hydrogen Economy" is perhaps the most difficult 
book I have read in twenty years. 

The entire title of the book reads as follows: "When There Is No More Oil . . 
.THE HYDROGEN ECONOMY . . . The creation of the world wide energy web and the 
redistribution of power on earth." 

I would like to do a review of this book but have not a clue how comrades 
understand the logic of Mr. Rikin's insanity. Every question is posed from the 
standpoint of the bourgeoisie in real time motion. 

Mr. Rifkin argues and presents a vast amount of material from the standpoint 
of the metaphysical concept of external collision of opposites. Mr. Rifkin is 
a prolific writer and wrote a book called "Entropy" (with Ted Howard) and "The 
End of Work" which has had an impact in the American Union. 

If any of the 536 people on Marxmail - (of which I am the only African 
American retired autoworker, communist, elected Union rep and unreconstructed 
Stalinists), have read this material - them we came look at what is in front of us 
and how comrades becomes victims of the bourgeois intelligenica. 

We have to think things out. The bourgeois revolution is guided by the 
emergence of concrete economic relations within the feudal order that allows the 
bourgeois and proletariat to exist as a concrete economic formation. The 
bourgeoisie emerges in history as the result of changes in the mode of production that 
gives him economic legs to stand upon. 

We communist workers have no concrete economic legs to stand upon. Bourgeois 
production evolves within the feudal economic, social and political relations 
because it is an expression of the development of exchange or commodity 

Because we have no economic legs to stand upon theoretical clarity is very 
important because it alone is going to decide our line of march. We are not 
going to go forward on the basis of a philosophy of external collision, or we end 
up in the orbit of the bourgeoisie. 

We have entered an era of social revolution.

Melvin P. 

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