[Marxism] RE: Proyect: Curing Schizophrenia

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri May 7 16:50:11 MDT 2004

From:           	"Tony Abdo" <gojack10 at hotmail.com>

> Lou, I saw two different things being said here by you, and I still 
> Medications help in some cases with  treatment of some forms 
of what is 
> called schziophrenia and major depression.   More often than 
not, the help 
> is actually less than than what is predicted by the doctor that 
which will 
> actually be delivered.  And concurrently, the actual side effects 
> dangers of these drugs is actually much greater than that which 
is talked 
> about, or imagined beforehand by doctors.
> Tony
> ----------
> Lou's second comment...
> "Although there is no current schizophrenia cure, the 
combination therapy
> and drug schizophrenia treatment effectively controls the 
> symptoms enabling the patient to live more functional lives."

DAVID's response:  Not necesarily. Given that Lou doesn't (as far 
as I'm aware) work within the psychiatric system, this statement 
must be based on his faith of studies  purporting to demonstrate 
the benefits of drugs prescribed for schizophrenia (or perhaps word 
of mouth from his nurse friend?). First of all, most of the 
researchers who conduct these studies receive some  direct or 
indirect sponsorship by drug companies, which would seem to 
compromise the studies. Some drug companies will even ghost 
write the studies.  Second of all, many of the studies are 
methodologically flawed. 

I encourage anyone interested in this issue to check out David 
Cohen's critical appraisals of studies conducted on the benefits of 
drugs for schizphrenia...
(Here is a link to a full journal article of Cohen's  on social work 
research on anti psychotic medication: 
http://www.cswe.org/publications/jswe/02-2essay.htm )

The other interesting point that Lou's inadvertently raises is  what 
exactly is schizophrenia? Laypeople, with not real knowledge of  
labeling for schizophenia, commonly associates the 'disorder' with 
hearing voices and delusions. In fact, theses are the common 
behaviours associated with the 'disorder', but not the only. There 
are different classifications for schizophrenia, with some forms 
having nothing at all to with voices and delusions, and where you'd 
be hardpressed to find even an inkling of commonality between the 
one form and the other.Yet the persons dispaying these disparate 
behaviours will be proscribed the same pills. So the question then 
becomes: what exactly are drugs doing?


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