[Marxism] Time to move on

Rachel Mendoza aka at cts.com
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Grouping the "crazies" and then asking an employee at a "crazy house" for an
analysis is akin to asking a prison guard how the criminals are treated. If
you want to know how the elephants are treated in a circus, ask them...don't
go to the bearded lady or the guy who runs the circus.

In conclusion, I have a friend who is labeled "autistic." He travels the
country lobbying AGAINST  "special education" --- "Integration NOT
segregation!" --- he always tells me. It's 2004 and we still separate the
"quality stock" humans from the "feebleminded." I have worked with
"handicapped" and "emotionally disturbed" students and I have noticed one
similarity with virtually all the parents: OVERPARENTING through means of
technology....and UNDERPARENTING through humanity. These kids are crying out
for human contact...but I wonder how many of you would run the other way in
fear of germs and being covered in drool. I know I did the first day.

Zoos, mental hospitals, modern hospitals, and imperialism all have a common
factor: turning the "other" into a specimen that must be taught how to be
civilized. But who defines civilization? Well, of course, on this list
"civilized" is what Louis says. But in the great mystery of existence, only
nature has the final say. Karl Marx and Peter Breggin and George Bush and
Maya Angelou are humans...they hold no monopolies on this mystery.  The
brain of humanity is the most powerful machine ever developed, while
unchecked mental capacity can lead to greatly ambitious works (wars,
chemicals, & paved rivers)---only the heart keeps blind ambition (every
dictator, most western doctors, CEOs, and great professors) in check.

We all have "a" story, not "thee" story. For anyone who has been to
Palestine (I have not) I'm sure you "understand" the suicide bomber. Well,
anyone who has spent time in large urban city (I have) I can "understand"
schizophrenia. I have no gradiose solutions...although I will never see the
humanity in rounding up people and throwing them in one place. They are
symbols of what we are doing to ourselves.

We put them away because we don't want to see our own self destruction. Mass
production of medicine is simple...it suggests a cure through technology.
Unfortunately, tossing pills at people and stuffing them in a warehouse is
the same line of thinking that got brought them INTO madness. I believe
Einstein said we can't use the same line of thinking to get us out of a
probelm that brought us to the problem. In fact, Einstein's later life is a
good example of the heart keeping the brain in check. We should all take


PS - If you are surrounded by people you feel are in "pain." You may want to
question your own life. Now I can move on.

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> David wrote:
> >The other interesting point that Lou's inadvertently raises is  what
> >exactly is schizophrenia? Laypeople, with not real knowledge of
> >labeling for schizophenia, commonly associates the 'disorder' with
> >hearing voices and delusions.
> This is starting to take us away from the agenda of Marxmail. I suggest 
> that anybody who wants to have a final say on the question do so and then
> we move on. I myself have said everything I wanted to say.
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