[Marxism] In the Funhouse Mirror of Empire

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Fri May 7 19:36:51 MDT 2004

Apparently, "[f]or many units serving in Iraq, digital cameras are 
pervasive and yet another example of how technology has transformed 
the way troops communicate with relatives back home. From Basra to 
Baghdad, they e-mail pictures home. Some soldiers, including those in 
the 372nd, even packed video cameras along with their rifles and 
Kevlar helmets" (Christian Davenport, "New Prison Images Emerge," 
Washington Post, May 6, 2004). Soldiers of the occupation dissolve 
into vacationing tourists. For many working-class Americans, whose 
economic circumstances do not allow them to enjoy international 
tourism, joining the US military may be indeed the only chance of 
traveling and seeing the world outside the United States, however 
relentlessly peace activists may try to debunk the perennial sales 
pitch of military recruitment campaigns. Take, for instance, the 
American Friends Service Committee's counter-recruitment brochure: 
"Before you decide to enlist, check out other options that would help 
you 'be all you can be.' Travel, education, money for school, job 
training, and adventure can all be found in other ways. Your local 
community may even have opportunities that you haven't considered" 
("Ten Points to Consider Before You Sign a Military Enlistment 
Agreement"). Doesn't the AFSC brochure lie to working-class youths as 
much as military recruiters do? Only about 20% of Americans even own 
a passport (the US Census Bureau says that the current US population 
is 293,193,380, and the US Department of State's "Passport 
Statistics" shows that about 59 million passports have been issued 
over the last 10 years). In this regard, most natives of the United 
States, a big rich country, have one thing in common with most 
natives of Antigua, "a small place," whose postcolonial conflict with 
foreign tourists Jamaica Kincaid imaginatively evokes in her book of 
the same title. . . .

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