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George Snedeker snedeker at concentric.net
Fri May 7 19:50:23 MDT 2004

I am one of the editors of a Marxist journal called Socialism and Democracy. Our most recent issue focuses on the theme of Gender and Globalization. for more information about Socialism and Democracy go to www.sdonline.org 
Here is the Table of Contents for No. 35. 


Jennifer Disney, Incomplete Revolutions: Gendered Participation in Productive and Reproductive Labor in Mozambique and Nicaragua

Tammy Findlay, Getting Our Act Together: Gender,
Globalization, and the State

Martha Gimenez, Connecting Marx and Feminism in the Era of Globalization: A Preliminary Investigation

Kimberly Earles, The Gendered Effects of the
Reregulation of the Swedish Welfare State

Bina Srinivasan, Religious Fundamentalism, Community Disintegration, and Violence Against Women: All Issues Are Women's Issues

Carol Barton, Global Women's Movements at a
Crossroads: Seeking Definition, New Alliances
and Greater Impact

We are always interested in considering articles on a range of topics. if you have an article or an idea for an article you would like to write contact me offline at snedeker at concentric.net

George Snedeker

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