[Marxism] Torture in US Prisons Equal to That at Abu Ghraib in Iraq?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri May 7 23:50:30 MDT 2004

It's important to keep in mind the obvious differences between what
happens in US prisons and what's happened in Iraq.  There was real
method, I suspect, to the latter.  

Government and media are discussing "abuse" as kinds of random acts of
sadism performed by the culturally unenlightened goobers-in-uniform
insensitive to the psychological weak spots particularly of Muslim men.
In fact, it seems pretty clear that this was all part of a general
effort to "break" the prisoners in an effort to get information.  True,
the military personnel administered and staffed these detention centers,
but those centers existed largely for civilian goons hired by DoD, CIA,
NSC, or some other ungodly Psy-Ops abomination to get information.  Such
characters are not only keenly aware to the cultural sensitivity of
Muslim men but will use that to break down their victims.  

It makes complete sense to me that they encouraged the uniformed
military personnel to assist in the terrorization of the prisoners, even
when the questioners weren't around to supervise.  This interpretation
is rather reinforced by the feigned ignorance of Rummy and crew about
who was and wasn't in charge over there.

Mark L.

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