[Marxism] Re: Should the Iraqi resistance....

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat May 8 14:20:24 MDT 2004

I think David Walters' comment was very useful. 

 Of course,  I don't really think that Kurdistan should be the axis of
discussion today -- that is the fight to end the occupation of Iraq
regardless of the class nature and weaknesses of the leadership.  As a
lifelong "national liberal" in the Stalin sense, my hand was kind of
forced by Jose taking such a strong and (I hope) rhetorically
exaggerated stand on the issue.  And in the course of doing so, I
unleashed some thinking on the national question that has been taking
shape in 40 years of activity and debate on the question.

For myself I am willing to let the matter rest until all of our hands
are forced by events, as is likely to happen sooner or later for good or

Of course, Jose and whoever agrees with him are entitled to take their
shot, but then, if it proves possible, we should try to get back to the
aspects of the war that are truly burning issues right now.
Fred Feldman

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