[Marxism] Question on Alienation & Anxiety - Question re-posed

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Sat May 8 14:49:57 MDT 2004


According to comrade J., my question was too vague.  I
must admit that upon re-reading, it is inadequate. 
I'll try to be more specific.  Sorry for any grief

What is the relationship between Alienation and
Anxiety?  That is, I was hoping to get an idea of the
Marxist understanding of Angst, as opposed to, say,
the Existentialist.  Maybe by giving the kind of
explanation (I think) an Existentialist would give, I
could demonstrate the kind of example I'd hope for
from you.

In Kirkegaard - unless I'm mistaken -, it(Angst aka
"Dread") is natural and occurs internally in the
synthesis which results in being human (stuck in
between angels and animals; ie, being composed of both
body and soul).  This synthesis is mirrored in the
relationship between necessity(body) and
freedom(soul).  When there is a disjunction or
disproportion in the synthesis of body and soul; ie,
when the body, which is temporal, outweighs the soul,
which is eternal, dread manifests itself.  Thus, dread
acts as a voice of warning.

This, it seems to me, is opposed to alienation
theory,w hich (maybe??) sees the root of angst
(generally) as existeing in the rift between humans
and Nature.  Or would it be more proper to say the
rift between human essence and species-being in
Capitalist society?

This is an honest question.  I appreciate your




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