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Sat May 8 16:16:34 MDT 2004

All at once, after a short flurry in January, Jose asked for proof of a
Nader-Fulani alliance. Perhaps he was responding to some comment in a
contribution that I missed. In any case, I answered it not to start a war
over whether or not to support Nader, but because I am opposed to this cult
and believe that to the extent possible (including writing for Marxmail) we
should prevent it gaining any legitimacy. It is Newman and Fulani that I am
critical of. (As an aside and I hope to write more on this, I intend to vote
for one of the socialist candidates rather than Nader.)

I am opposed to STRENGTHENING of this cult, or any similar cult, for the
sake of a short-term advantage such as gaining ballot status in New York,
Texas, New Hampshire, or elsewhere. Likewise, I oppose appearing at a forum
INITIATED or DOMINATED by this cult or any similar organization.

I make a distinction between a forum or meeting or front-group initiated by
the Newman-Fulani group and an independent forum at which they appear.
However, even here, as in any political action I would take into account the
short- and long-term result: who does it benefit?

Suppose it were larger and had an influence that we would have to take into
account. In that case, tactics would have to be adjusted accordingly.
Obviously, I believe that we should do everything possible to prevent this
(increase in size and influence) from occurring.

In other words, it is not the purity of Nader or any other Left individual
or group that I was addressing. The articles by "yellow-dog" writers or
publications such as The Nation and In These Times that attack Nader are
useful only for those nuggets of information concerning the alliance.

It should be obvious that there is no connection between Nader appearing at
a small meeting run by a cult and appearing on CNN, with other
organizations, etc.

Is this a policy of exclusion? Of course it is. Sometimes you have to draw
the line.

from Brian Shannon

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