[Marxism] OCD, Psych Disease, and Child Abuse Under Capitalism

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat May 8 17:00:28 MDT 2004

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a set of symptoms varying in gravity 
that arrises in childhood.  For those who know little about this condition, 
you can do a simple search on OCD +strep to get more info about it.  Then 
follow that search with some related ones like OCD +tic, OCD +mold, OCD 
+behavior, and so on.

So what is the realtionship to child abuse here? The same realtionship can 
also be found between child abuse and asthma, too. In fact, in some ways 
OCD, hyperactivity, asthma, child abuse, learning disorders, depression, and 
anxiety disorders, all have an informal relationship to each other that is 
not recognized much within the capitalist medical system.  Instead, the docs 
are trained to treat each aspect of an interlinked problem separately, and 
to shut their mouths when it comes to connecting the dots.

Child abuse to the medical professsions has a soap opera image almost. It is 
a picture of a child brought in to the ER, with parents saying they don't 
know what happened, and that the kid just began to vomit blood, or get 
sleepy. And this picture aroses great indignation amongst the 
'professionals'. They are mandated to calll the police, and they do just 
that with great zeal.  Dr. Bob to the rescue!

But where is Dr. Bob when he sees the child abuse of asthma, OCD, learning 
disorders, hyperactivity, and so on?  Cat then has the tongue of all the 
collective Dr Bobs now. Time to write a prescription, instead of calling the 
police. Time to write lots of presciptions, and encourage lots of office 
visits.  But that's it.

Dr Bob will call it all a big medical mystery.  But these other problems all 
collectively are part of a giant conspiracy of silence, that is essentailly 
the condoning of massive child abuse.  What do I mean here?

It has been said that poverty is young. That the average person living 
ipoverty is a child.  This is very true, and easy for the eye to see. Look 
at the condition of nearby golf courses, and then compare them to the 
condition of parks and playground areas.  Maybe your area has streets, but 
no sidewalks. Do you see any kids runnning around outside much anymore?

They are poor, inside watching TV, parents at work or exhausted in bed after 
work, and the lviing areas are often substandard. There is usually lots of 
carpet collecting mites, dander, and dust, and outisde may be next to a 
freeway with its fumes and noises, or maybe just next to a major 
thoroughfare.  And the neighborhood will have no speedbumps or barriers, 
those are just for the neighborhoods where hardly any kids live!

It may be a surprise to the doctor?  But asthma is more than just an 
allergic reaction.  And OCD is more than just a behvior compulsively 
repeated several times over.  Strep infections come about more often when 
the apartments are moldy and cockroach infested.  Respiratory infections 
occur more frequently, when ventilation is poor, and the insides of living 
areas cannot be adequately ever cleaned such as with the excessively 
carpetted interiors in the US.  Such is the picture of poverty and the 
children lving under these conditions in the US. They get an escape somewhat 
from this, as they go in groups into delapidated and ugly buildings called 
schools.  That way, contagion can be spread around all the more easier.

Hundreds upon hyndred of billions of dollars go into the 'Health' Delivery 
System in the US.  How much talk have the Doctor Bobs come up with regarding 
the environmetnal aspects of child abuse?  It's relationship to the forced 
impoverishment of childhood?  And how much effort have they put into finding 
magic pills that will supposedly cure OCD, behavior problems, and asthma, 
not to mention depression, anxiety, and 'bizarre behavior' of any sort?

This picture of child abuse is not pretty, and should arouse the same 
indignation that the batterring dad does.  But Dr Bob, with all his science 
and supposedly rational approach to medicine is quite a pill, and that's all 
you will get too, by and large.

I hope that this overview of anxiety disorder has spread some light on the 
inter-relationship between biology and environment with OCD.  When your kid 
catches a cough repeatedly in his/ her/ your roach infested hovel covered 
with dirty carpet, it is possible that he has allergies, asthma, and strep 
all at one and the same time.  And from there, it may be a short step away 
from behavior problems, OCD, severe depression, anxiety, and maybe even the 
jail.  You didn't abuse the kid, but your kid was abused none the less.  And 
Dr Bob shut his big mouth about it all.

Tony Abdo

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