[Marxism] "Health Care in Afghanistan"

Andy Coates esquincle at capital.net
Sat May 8 21:05:30 MDT 2004

The New England Journal of Medicine
Volume 350:1927-1929
May 6, 2004
The Battle for Access — Health Care in Afghanistan
Brigg Reilley, M.P.H., Gloria Puertas, M.D., M.P.H., and Anne-Sophie 
Coutin, M.D.


Currently, the majority of health care in Afghanistan is provided 
through nongovernmental organizations. It is estimated that more than 
80 percent of functional health care facilities have some form of 
support from such organizations, often including the supply of 
medicines and other basic materials. In the south and east, these 
groups must operate with extreme caution, if they can work at all, 
because aid workers are perceived as supporters of the coalition's 
political agenda and, as such, have become targets of anticoalition 
forces. Members of a nongovernmental de-mining organization were 
recently detained by gunmen near Zhare Dasht, although they escaped 
with only minor wounds. Several other aid workers, both Afghan and 
foreign, have been murdered in similar ambushes. The inability to 
deliver aid means that millions of Afghan civilians are beyond the 
reach of humanitarian assistance, including basic health care 

This vital paragraph in a report which wends from anecdotal to uh, er, 
if comrades believe they might find the full text useful I'd be glad to 
provide it.

Andy Coates

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