[Marxism] Attitude towards the Iraq CP

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Sun May 9 04:51:10 MDT 2004

I object to Gary's language because it provides a left cover to repressive
actions taken by pro-capitalist forces against parties linked, however
tenuously, to the working class.

The military resistance to the U.S. is directed against the foreign
occupiers. To suggest that the Iraq CP is morally or practically a
legitimate target takes us off the tracks of a marxist approach.

Revolutionists should call on the Iraq CP to leave the provisional council,
not imply that resistant fighters direct any attack towards a secular reform
political organization with roots, however feeble, in the Iraqi working
class. In other words, the Iraq CP SHOULD be lectured to and "condemned and
repudiated." Particularly now, for Salam Ali's pathetic bluster shows the
pressure that he is under. Gary's language plays into Salam Ali's hands,
just when he needs an additional cover for his opportunism.

The justice demanded for the Iraq CP is a policy towards them that will lead
towards national independence and socialist revolution. Implied calls for
reprisal as a "legitimate military target" have nothing to do with a
socialist political strategy.

Socialist, secular atheists should be careful what they call for in an
environment strongly influenced by religious passions and leaders who, when
they so choose, may not distinguish between "bad" and "good" communists.

We also need a historical perspective that looks to a possible future.

In Germany, less than 15 years after Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were
assassinated under the instructions of Gustav Noske (the Social Democratic
minister of justice), revolutionists urged a united front between the
Communists and Social Democrats against the fascist threat. The Social
Democrats had not just been members of a "Quisling" government--they were
leaders of it and were responsible for the slaughter of thousands of
revolutionists. Now out of government, but with strong roots in the working
class, revolutionists urged that the Communist Party of Germany unite with
them to fight fascism--to form a fighting agreement with the party that had
betrayed the German workers less than 15 years before.

When and if the wheel turns, it is entirely possible that the Iraq CP, or a
similar organization--and I stress "similar organization" because we are
discussing a class approach here, one not limited to a particular
organizational name--will be in a situation similar to the German Social

from Brian Shannon

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