[Marxism] Attitude toward Iraqi CP

Alex LoCascio alexlocascio at mail.com
Sun May 9 11:24:10 MDT 2004

Dear Comrade Brian,

If I were you, I wouldn't get too worked up over our 
Laptop Guerillas on Marxmail, who are the sort of absurd 
funhouse mirror reflection of Cruise Missile liberals 
like Christopher Hitchens and David Rieff.

My late comrade and teacher Martin Glaberman use to
tell an old story about George Rawick, when the latter
was a member of the Workers Party while it tried
to formulate a position on Sri Lanka.  After receiving
a negative answer to the question of whether the WP
had any forces on the ground, he asked "what the hell
do we need an official position for?"

Assuming that post participants on this list agree on
a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, I don't understand what the
point is about drawing lines in the sand about which forces
one "supports."  I must've missed the call out for the
Marxmail.org Abraham Lincoln Brigade for Iraq.

Macho chest-beating and warrior posturing isn't just political 
empty, it's also just totally goofy.

Some words of wisdom:

"What is tiresome in ideological arguments is that one is necessarily
swept away by the 'model of war.'  That is to say that when you find
yourself facing someone with ideas different from your own, you are
always led to identify that person as an enemy (of your class, your
society, etc.).  And we know that it is necessary to wage combat
against the enemy until triumphing over him.  This grand theme of
ideological struggle has really disturbed me.  First of all because
the theoretical coordinates of each of us are often, no, always,
confused and fluctuating, especially if they are observed in their

"Furthermore: might not this "struggle" that one tries to wage against
the "enemy" only be a way of making a petty dispute without much
importance seem more serious than it really is?  I mean, don't certain
intellectuals hope to lend themselves greater political weight with
their ideological struggle than they actually enjoy?  A book is consumed
very quickly, you know.  

"What is more serious: acting out a struggle against the 'enemy' or 
investigating, together or perhaps divergently, the important problems
that are posed?[...] wouldn't be much better instead to think that those
with whom you disagree are perhaps mistaken; or perhaps that you haven't
understood what they intended to say?"

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