[Marxism] Attitude towards the Iraq CP

Craig Brozefsky craig at red-bean.com
Sun May 9 11:39:49 MDT 2004

* Jurriaan Bendien <andromeda246 at hetnet.nl> [2004-05-09 13:18:17 +0200]:

> What anti-imperialist activists in the West should be concerned with, is the
> policy of their own governments, and the collusion of those governments with
> other governments, in a way which is contrary to the interests of the
> working class and its allies at home and abroad. Telling people in other
> countries unilaterally "how to conduct their politics" is itself an
> adaptation, a concession to imperialism and imperialist ideology. A real
> mandate for such "advice" would exist only, if the local people themselves
> have specifically requested it.

I support JB's assesment, since that is one I have been promoting
locally.  Let's call it the "tend to your own" approach for
now. Bringing this up in discussion amongst the antiwar activists (not
all of whom are anti-imperialist) does bear fruit.  It helps to head
off endless blathering about a U.N. occupation force and other
over-wrought "plans" for US withdrawal like on Kucinich's site.

In mid April, one of the city-wide antiwar coalitions here in Chicago
was drafting a set of demands, intended to present an answer to those
who were saying "the U.S. can't just pull out..." and "there is no way
out."  At the meeting discussing these demands, the "tend to your own"
line was well-supported, beyond what my own little mind had thought
the participants capable of.  That was a lesson in itself.

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