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May 10, 2004 -- In this issue:

Note from the Editor: What's all this fuss with the pictures of inhuman 
treatment of Iraqi prisoners? Nothing that has not happened before; whether 
at Guantánamo Bay or in Afghanistan, back to Vietnam, the Philippines, 
chattel slavery and all the way to the Indian genocide -- and in US prisons 
whence some of the perpetrators came -- torture has been an integral part of 
the American Ethos. Historically, this has also been a method the civilizers, 
whether French, British, and all, used to win the hearts and the minds of the 
natives. The difference possibly is that it is documented faster -- hard to keep 
these digital cameras and camcorders out of the hands of our navel-centered 
culture...to the chagrin of Rambo Rumsfeld. A few people will be punished, 
long reports written, a commission formed, sanctimonious excuses provided, a 
few defensive punch lines uttered (it ain't as bad as Saddam's torture)...till the 
next time. In this light and amidst the escalating violence since the anniversary 
of the "end of the war," our collection of 19 essays on Iraq published in early 
February 2004 is worth revisiting. In it you'll read Ed Herman's conclusion: "It 
will be interesting to see how the Bushies work for continuing domination, and 
how the media in this country put a positive gloss on it, as they have always 
done and are likely to continue to do." Three months later, it is interesting 

As America exposes its naked hypocrisy and alienates itself from the entire 
universe, we remain, to paraphrase Phil Rockstroh, an empire of sleep-
walkers trudging toward the precipices of the plummeting realities of the larger 
world, led by a born-again Christian waging a time-ending war that will 
forever banish all traces of evil from this sin-sullied earth... In the institution of 
"Evangelical Democracy" described by John Blunt, our president is, of course, 
accountable to no one but his Holy Father, world opinion be damned! Milo 
Clark provides a chicken parable to human history to remind us that "Bush, 
too, will pass..." 

Other important issues in the Middle East include the vital efforts by Iraq's 
labor movement to rebuild itself while rebuilding the country, described by 
Joel Wendland; and the ongoing effects of American oil interests on Middle 
East politics and the fate of Palestinians, analyzed by Manuel García. And in 
Part II of our review of "The Politics Of Anti-Semitism," we challenge the 
stereotypes and faulty logic that too often frame the issue. 

Latin American literature graces us with a review by Louis Proyect of Robert 
Bolaño's masterful novel, "By Night in Chile." Gerard Donnelly Smith makes 
a poetic plea that we raise our voices against the violence -- each voice does, 
indeed, count. Philip Greenspan, a tireless activist who raises his voice day in 
and day out, shares his memories of World War I songs; in particular, 
"There'd be no war today, if mothers all would say, I didn't raise my boy to be 
a soldier." Concludes Greenspan: BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW! 

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and foes) 
know about Swans. 


Here are the links to the pieces:

RESISTANCE: In The Eye Of The American Hegemon
A Swans' Special Issue
Edited by Gilles d'Aymery and Jan Baughman

Nappytime Of The Gods: American Somnambulists In The House Of Death - 
by Phil Rockstroh

Evangelical Democracy: What Gunboat Salvation Won't Fix . . .
by John Blunt

Robert Bolano's "By Night in Chile"
Book Review by Louis Proyect

"The Politics Of Anti-Semitism"
Part II: Stereotypes And Other Canards
Book Review by Gilles d'Aymery

The Chicken Parable - by Milo Clark

The Palestinians Versus The SUV
by Manuel Garcia, Jr.

>From the Ashes Of The Old
by Joel Wendland

The Weight of One More Voice
Poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith

I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be A Soldier
by Philip Greenspan

Letters to the Editor


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