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9 May 2004
Irish Republican Socialist Party -- International Department

Long Live the Resistance!

More than a year after U.S. President Bush declared victory in its
attack on Iraq, the combined forces of Britain and the U.S. are mired
in an ever-worsening quagmire, while a growing and relentless
resistance picks off dozens of their soldiers and civilian
mercenaries each week.

Despite ten years of crippling embargoes that left the Iraqi populace
weakened and malnourished, despite bombings that shattered their
infrastructure and destroyed the military, despite a year of
occupation by roughly 150,000 soldiers, the Iraqi resistance appears
to go from strength to strength, inflicting spiraling casualties on
the invaders. The lesson of Vietnam is being learned anew by the
armies of imperialism­an army of occupation can never defeat an
indigenous national liberation struggle. U.S. soldiers complain over
repeated extensions of their time spent in Iraq and their families
become increasingly restless and outspoken in wanting their loved
ones returned to them; but the Iraqi resistance fighters cannot
join in the chorus of complaints. This is because they already are
home; they have nowhere to retreat to. They have only the choices of
death or victory, because they have already determined that life on
their knees is an unacceptable option.

The U.S. imperialists now project that the war in Iraq will cost them
over $400,000,000,000­, a cost that is causing deep cuts to be
called for in domestic spending. Britain will spend considerably
less, but there, too, war expenditures are using up funds that might
be spent on the needs of the citizens. The identification with the
imperialist adventure that many have been deluded into embracing,­
the result of class-consciousness having been impeded by capitalist
ideology,­ will soon be colliding with the reality of the
situation. The war only benefits the rich, for working people it
spells disaster.

Around the globe anti-imperialists are recognising that the battles
being waged in Iraq are central to their own struggles. The
occupation and fight against the resistance shackles the armies of
imperialism in place in Iraq, limiting their ability to respond to
challenges they confront in Venezuela, Colombia, the Basque lands,
the Six Counties, and elsewhere. The costs of the war and occupation
prohibit them from purchasing peace in the class war at home through
reformist measures. The successes of the resistance fighters help to
counter the propaganda image of the imperialists as being impossible
to challenge. Accordingly, anyone who opposes the continuation
of capitalism at home must support the resistance to imperialism in

At this moment in history, it matters little if one is Sunni or Shia,
Muslim or Christian or atheist, Arab or African or European. The
dividing line is simply this: are you for or against imperialism? All
those opposed must defend the Iraqi resistance. It is not sufficient
to oppose the war. The war is now a reality that cannot be denied.
What remains is to choose a side. To support the armies of the
occupation is to align oneself with imperialist oppression,
capitalist exploitation, violation of national sovereignty, and
brutality against humanity. The only option in opposition to these
evils is to support the resistance.

How can we support the Iraqi resistance here in Ireland? We must
oppose any attempt by the Irish government to provide support -­-
violating our historic neutrality -- ­to the U.S. or Britain in
their military efforts. We must demonstrate our solidarity in the
streets and make others aware why we support the resistance. We must
oppose the so-called "war on terrorism," including changes in
European security measures designed to fall in line with it. We must
insist on the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Iraq and we must
demand that the U.S. and Britain pay compensation for the destruction
and disruption and loss of lives, so that the nation can be rebuilt.
We must oppose any attempt to impose a constitution or governing
bodies chosen or shaped by any foreign power and insist on the
democratic rights of the Iraqi people to create their own
institutions and laws. Despite their having been manipulated by the
forces of imperialism, we must also insist on the rights of the
Kurdish people to national liberation, something the imperialist
occupiers have sought to deny.

There is, however, something even more central and immediately
present that we must do in support of the Iraqi resistance­ -- we
must join in a worldwide resistance movement. We must resist the
efforts of imperialism to enslave and exploit the working peoples of
the world. We must resist the exploitation of capitalism right here
at home. We must defend the national sovereignty of Ireland and
oppose the continued occupation of Ireland by foreign troops. We must
challenge the continuation of religious sectarianism, which is
designed to divide the working class of this island.

The struggle against imperialism begins at our own doorsteps and
stretches to the battlefields of Iraq and beyond. We do not have to
travel thousands of miles to encounter the British Army occupying
Iraq; there are nearly 20,000 of them right here on the island of
Ireland. The U.S. corporations that have flocked like vultures to
pick the skeleton of Iraq clean have operations in our own cities.
When we challenge the forces of imperialism and capitalism right here
in Ireland, we join in the resistance. There is only one war in which
we have any interests and that is the class war, whose front
stretches from Baghdad to Belfast to Boston to Beijing. The working
class must become a worldwide resistance. When we are, no force on
earth can defeat us.


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