[Marxism] Attitude toward Iraqi CP

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Sun May 9 21:51:19 MDT 2004

I think Douglas's take on Nicaraguan politics is all muddled up. He
talks about the largest faction, the terceristas, negotiating their own
accommodation with Chamorro in 1990. However, it is very clear that the
three pre-1979 "factions" did not continue to exist at the end of the
1980's; the lines of cleavage by then were different and it is shown by
the disparate post-electoral-defeat evolution of the leaders. Tomás
Borge (GPP) and Daniel Ortega (Terceristas) stayed together to this day
in the FSLN; Daniel's brother, Gral. Humberto Ortega (Tercerista) left
active politics and is now (or was as of a couple of years ago) a
businessman in Costa Rica. Sergio Ramírez, who was not one of "the nine"
but entirely identified with the Terceristas, returned to his writing

And, of course, there is the point I mentioned earlier. The Nica CP --in
the sense of the traditional pro-Moscow party-- was called the Socialist
Party, and I think Douglas has mixed them up with the Maoists who took
the "Communist" name.


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