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Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon May 10 00:22:08 MDT 2004

Julio's comment below is basically false, because it implies that all 
thinking about the US, in widely different regions of Mexico, is much alike. 
People in Reynosa have quite different opinions and attitudes about the US 
than people in southern Mexico, or people living in Mexico City. And the 
ties of Mexico in the Northern regions to the US are much stronger than in 
the Southren regions.  And the people in the north are more conservative as 
a general rule.

<<Implying that people from the "North" of Mexico, unlike -- say -- people
from the "South," are economically, socially, or politically disposed to
submit to the U.S. -- to align the country's foreign policy to U.S. designs,
etc. -- is a myth.  There's no basis for this.>>

And maquilladoras are one major aspect that is different about the Mexican 
North from the South.   That,and the flow of people constantly to and fro 
across The Border does change perceptions about the US from the perceptions 
Mexicans have further south.

Check the charts on this short PDF file about maquilladora employment and 

Julio further comments...
<<People everywhere in Mexico admire the industriousness, ingenuity,
organizational talent, and unpretentiousness of the U.S. people, and those
are qualities to be admired.  At the same time, on average and by far,
people in Mexico -- and more so in the "North," IMO -- have a strong,
instinctive distrust of the intentions of the U.S., particularly when it
claims a God-given or self-given right to impose its will by force.  This
underlies the popularity of Mexico's independent foreign policy stance, and
it won't go away.>>

Industriousness, ingenuity, organizational talent, and unpretentiousness of 
the US people?  Come now? This is preposterous! The fact that Julio makes 
such a nonsensical and self deprecating statement (for what is implied is 
that the Mexicans are essentially lacking in all the above attributes) 
proves to a great extent what Nestor fears about the US's gravitational pull 
towards it of its nearest Southern neighbor, Mexico.  The fear is that the 
Mexican intellectuals,elites, and middle classes have become fatally 
attracted to the Consumerlandia to the north.  While that doesn't translate 
into immediate 100% identification with all US foreign policy 100% of the 
time, it certainly at least Puerto Riconizes- Costa Ricanizes things a lot.

How can one expect much of the Mexican government, if the country is 
admiring such false attributes that it's elites are seeing in the American 
population, Julio?  When one looks at the photos of American Gis torturing 
Iraqi prisoners, surely one can see "unpretentiousness " in their faces.  
One can see "ingenuity" too in their methods!  Donald Rumsfield has 
"industriousness " and "organizational talent".

This ga-ga attitude of total admiration for the US has come about, because 
Mexico elites see in themselves only the old PRI dictatorship, and the US 
has become seen as a savior from that, for them. The US represents 
respectability for the Mexican elites. Not to mention money at junior 
partners' pay.

Fox represents only part of that sector of the Mexican population that wants 
junior partnership with the US, and would die for it. Or at least have other 
Mexicans die for them for it. The 'independence' of Mexico for them is 
nothing more than a self delusion. The other part of that sector that wants 
junior partnership is the PRI bureaucracy that continues to function in many 
sectors of Mexican society.  But the backbone of that orientation of the 
common people of Mexico to the US, is that anything looks superior to the 
poverty and dictatorship that ol Mexico under the PRI was for them. The US 
is seen as savior, in a way that is not very common in South America, except 
maybe in the richer neighborhods of cities like Caracas, or Bogota.

If one thinks that I exagerate about the fatal attraction of the US as being 
seen as sort of as a savior for the common folk of Mexico, then ask oneself, 
why have there been such little protest on either side to the 
militariazation of the Border Regions?  The poor see the US as employment 
distributors and guaranteers and the elites see the US as the road to 
respectability and profit sharing.  Neither group wants too much to bite the 
hand that offers such deals.  That's why Mexico has been pulled into the US 

Tony Abdo

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