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There was a group that had ties with the now defunct Marxist Lenininst Party, former followers of Enver Hohxa of Albania  in the US. The Nicaraguan section had 1 seat in the general assembly. Are they still around, or did they go the route of their US co-thinkers?

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> their comrades in 
> >Nicaragua who urged a vote for Violetta Chamorro in 1990
> Is this true?(!)
sadly, yes.. the Nica CP was briefly supportive of the Sandinista Front's 
first government, but never held any sway or seats in the 9-member national 
directorate formed under Cuban auspices by the three main revolutionary factions; 
later, the CP became one of the constituents of the US-driven UNO coalition in 
which it took a back seat ("tailing", if you will) to the armed contras. But 
the largest faction of the FSLN, the "terceristas" led by the Ortegas, 
negotiated its own accomodation with Chomorro, who allowed them to keep key positions 
in the police and army (and impunity from prosecution -- or persecution -- for 
alleged crimes and corruption in the "pinata" of ersatz privatization of 
public property and enterprises in the run-up to the elections that culminated in 
the counter-revolutionary victory. This reflected the rough military 
equilibrium (especially after the withdrawal of soviet support), the political weakness 
of the FSLN as it lost support after the long years of war, and arguably the 
growth of state property relative to private business -- a kind of political 
diversification of the economic interests of the old elite and their progeny. 
The Nicaraguan CP had very little credibility or influence in any of this, 
other than to confuse a few "sandalistas" in the US, who were plenty muddled 
already by the demand for solidarity inspired by the FSLN coalition in power.

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