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Where in the Ehret writings all done in another era do you find the 
explanation for what is going on today, as people grow bigger and rounder?  We both 
agree that food today for the masses is largely processed garbage, but that's all 
the more reason to feel kind of depressed, is it not?  Why are you opposed to 
thinking that people might be depressed about such a depressing and inactive 
environment they are exposed to constantly, and might just gulp some of the 
big amcs and fries down as they feel sad much of the time?   Does one really 
need to know how the garbage is metabolized or to understand Marx's 1844 writings 
to see the link between depression and eating? 


It is not so much that food is processed garbage, but rather that this 
process garbage is not food. Everything edible or eatable is not the meaning of the 
word food. This description of everything edible as food is actually bourgeois 
ideology and peculiar to the epoch of bourgeois production as it creates its 
own unique set of needs that becomes the basis of its reproduction. 

Falling into bourgeois ideology does not mean comrades "think like the 
bourgeoisie" but rather a failing to pinpoint the internal components that drives a 
process. Depression does not and cannot drive overeating as a societal force. 
This depression and anxiety - in this context or as a societal force, is the 
appearance form of another process independent from the subjective state of 
man.  This "process" has to be grasped on its own basis or posed correctly to see 
the solution. 

Ehert is radically different from Atkins. Atkin's is horribly wrong and 
confronts the mass of needs consumed (eaten), and on this basis eliminate 
categories of what everyone incorrectly call food, as a basis to diet. Man does not 
need to diet as such but reather to stop wrong eating. This wrong eating drives 

I have in mind Ehert's  "Mucusless Diet Healing system" where he presents his 
"theoretical model" and outline of the metabolic process that is man. His 
"Rational Fasting" tackled questions like the density of man, skin color, eyes 
and hair of man. Ehert tackles the question of our societal sense of beauty and 
symmetry or how the density (circumference) of peoples is formed over time. He 
explains in detail why we look like we look today and in very modern terms. 
His "Thus Speaketh the Stomach" is a tour de force and a scholarly materialist 

Ehert's materialist approach to our authentic metabolic process is breath 
taking and can be applied by anyone without exception. He unravels the mechanics 
of overeating and wrong eating on the basis of the metabolic process and 
states that 99% of mental illness is the results of a breach in our bodily system. 
To prove his thesis he curved people of their clinical depression.  

This is to say that after the overthrow of the power of property, much of 
what we identify as depression or other mental illnesses will not "just go away," 
because, these disorders are rooted in wrong and overeating and consumption 
of "food stuff" unique to bourgeois production. Depression does not drive 
overeating - but rather, the overeating is a symptom of wrong eating. The 
connection between overeating and depression is that the former drives the latter - not 
the other way around. (By mental illness is meant those set of disorders 
identified in DSM 4.)  

This wrong eating is the result of historical ignorance and the evolution of 
a set of unique "needs" peculiar to bourgeois property as it inherits an 
existing set of historically evolved "needs." In the ideological sphere this wrong 
eating is justified by concepts based on the metaphysics of properties and an 
erroneous conception of the metabolic process. To this very day modern science 
identify the heart as a pump within the human body when it is not. The heart 
is a valve - with opening and closing chambers, and the lungs are pumps 
operating and set into motion by gravity. 

Wrong eating and overeating takes on a life of its own is not driven by the 
subjective disposition of man, but by the law of reproduction. The question has 
to be looked at as it arose historically and on the basis of the metabolic 
process that is man. Wrong eating and overeating operates on the basis of the 
addiction process. In the last instance one overeats to stave off the pain of 
elimination. We are dealing with a self contained process that merits closer 
observation. What we call a "craving" is not a subjective disposition without 
explanation but a spontaneous reaction to pain. We no longer recognize this 
reaction to pain - the body's response to breach or disruption of our spontaneous 
metabolic process, and instead of calling this feeling "pain," we are taught to 
misidentify it as a craving. Even this misunderstanding is not purely 
subjective but an ideological expression of being physically desensitized to pain 
because of the wrong eating that disrupt the electrical processes in our body, in 
the first place.   

One does in fact have to understand the evolution of needs, as articulated by 
Marx to make sense of why people are sad. People are sad because they are 
sick or suffering from disease. We are challenged to explain why obesity is the 
number one cause of death in American society. People do not overeat because 
they are confronted by abundance. People - not individuals but the societal 
force, do not overeat because they are oppressed and depressed. 

The singular reason why people get fat - obese, is wrong eating and this 
wrong eating drives the process of overeating. The issue merits close examination 
because we are really talking about the authentic metabolic process of the 
earth and man. Environmental degradation is actually a breach in the earth's 
metabolic process expressing the breach within man. The breach in the earths 
metabolic process appears as a breach in the biosphere. What causes the breach is 
the production and reproduction of a mass of things outside the earths ability 
to metabolize the deadly entropic discharge. The earth itself is faced with 
wrong eating and overeating. 

A factory in and of itself does not disrupt the earth's metabolic process. 
Burning wood and fossil fuel does not disrupt the earth's metabolic process as 
an abstraction. What we are confronted with is the need to further evolve an 
authentic science of metabolism. Marx approach - his standpoint, is extremely 
important in identifying that mass of products unique to bourgeois production - 
AND, an authentic science of metabolism. 

Marx "lays down the law" like "Ali Carpet."  

"The need for money is therefore the true need produced by the economic 
system, and it is the only need which the latter produces. The quantity of money 
becomes to an ever greater degree its sole effective quality. Just as it reduces 
everything to its abstract form, so it reduces itself in the course of its 
own movement to quantitative being. Excess and intemperance come to be its true 
Subjectively, this appears partly in the fact that the extension of products 
and needs becomes a contriving and ever-calculating subservience to inhuman, 
sophisticated, unnatural and imaginary appetites. Private property does not 
know how to change crude need into human need. Its idealism is fantasy, caprice 
and whim; and no eunuch flatters his despot more basely or uses more despicable 
means to stimulate his dulled capacity for pleasure in order to sneak a 
favour for himself than does the industrial eunuch — the producer — in order to 
sneak for himself a few pieces of silver, in order to charm the golden birds, 
out of the pockets of his dearly beloved neighbours in Christ.
Actually, one does in fact need to master Marx method - approach, to 
understanding the meaning of sadness and depression in modern terms or rather the 
forms of sadness and depression peculiar to the epoch of the bourgeoisie. Not 
having a job - or rather money, is enough to make anyone sad, but we are not 
really talking about so-called clinical sadness, but the sadness and depression 
peculiar to the epoch of the bourgeoisie. 
"Even the need for fresh air ceases to be a need for the worker. Man returns 
to a cave dwelling, which is now, however, contaminated with the pestilential 
breath of civilisation, and which he continues to occupy only precariously, it 
being for him an alien habitation which can be withdrawn from him any day — a 
place from which, if he does not pay, he can be thrown out any day.  . . .  
Light, air, etc. — the simplest animal cleanliness — ceases to be a need for 
man. Filth, this stagnation and putrefaction of man — the sewage of 
civilisation (speaking quite literally) — comes to be the element of life — for him. 
Utter, unnatural depravation, putrefied nature, comes to be his life-element. 
None of his senses exist any longer, and (each has ceased to function) not only 
in its human fashion, but in an inhuman fashion, so that it does not exist even 
in an animal fashion." (Same source as above)
The noble goal of communism is to repair the earth and on the basis of 
science - understanding process logic or law systems unique to the process under 
study, move man so that in his real life activity, he matches the spontaneous 
metabolic process of the earth. 

Melvin P. 

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