[Marxism] The Iraqi Left and an small factual correction for Jose

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Mon May 10 09:03:06 MDT 2004

On Nicaragua. My wife is Nicaraguan. Totally a-political. She still 
expects a knock at the door one night and the gov't to take me away. I 
used to make fun of this, now I'm not so sure. Anyway, one of her 
uncles (a former member of the FSLN internal security apparatus) 
married into a PSN family. I got to know them a bit. "Counter 
revolutionary" is a term I would VERY easily ascribe to them.

But... it's not true they lost *all* influence among workers. Small 
segments, in the guise of various unions, continued to support them. 
Probably several thousand, and this was right through the height of 
popularity of the FSLN: 1979 through 1984 or so. It's like saying that 
ALL workers abandoned the PSP to the July 26th Movement which would be 
false, too (even if the first free election to the CTC ended with the 
July 26th Movement getting 96% of the vote and the PSP with 4%).

IF the FSLN had shut down the PSN, had the PSN, for example, sat on the 
Contra administrative council, I don't know about you but I'd support 
the FSLN.

I can't see how any aspect of the US imposed administration in Bagdad 
is *not* somehow a legitimate hard target for the resistance?

The French CP attempted collaboration with the Nazis shortly before 
operation Barbarossa. Fortunately for them there was no serious 
underground to oppose the occupation, at least in the early 


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