[Marxism] hitchens *cringe*

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Mon May 10 09:45:01 MDT 2004

I doubt very much that Hitchens was "defending" what took place.  In fact, I 
saw him interviewed by Kirsty Wark on Newsnight, and he gave the most stern 
denunciation of the torture.  He has written in his articles in similar 
fashion.  It is merely the case that he has attempted to reclaim the moral 
high ground by asserting that a) those who engaged in torture befouled the 
good aims of the coalition and b) anyone who attempts to "exploit one's 
natural humanitarianism" over this by using it to argue against the war 
should be suspected...

I don't buy his line, but it is inadequate to accuse him of "defending" the 
torture of Iraqi prisoners.

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