[Marxism] The case of Jewish pro-Palestinian student Dan Freeman-Maloy and York University

Tony Tracy tony at riseup.net
Mon May 10 13:34:18 MDT 2004


Thanks for your suggestions -- yes, the group of supporters of Dan
Freeman-Maloy who are working on his case has been considering escalating
this to the type of telephone bombardment that you suggest. We have also
been discussing demonstrations and other actions on the York campus
(although any actions on the York campus would necessarily exclude
Freeman-Maloy himself, as he has been given a trespass notice indicating
that charges of trespass would be laid if he were to go onto the campus in
the next three years).

However, the letters of support are very much still be requested -- this
fulfils a number of goals: keeping up some pressure on the Office of the
President of York University (we are of no illusions that Lorna Marsden
reads her own email); to provide much-needed moral support to Dan
Freeman-Maloy himself (who, as a young undergraduate student, is
understandably overwhelmed with the prospect of a three year suspension from
university); providing the support committee (York Free Speech Committee)
with a number of letters that could be printed off and the media in press
kits, etc.

I think that your characterization of Marsden is quite accurate. This
suspension is clearly politically motivated: if every student who had used a
megaphone on campus were to be expelled/suspended, it is quite likely that a
good number of the graduate Teaching Assistants would be suffering from the
same "discipline", as well as many other undergraduate students.

It occurs to me that if I had been banned/barred from every university
campus on which I have used a megaphone over the years, I would certainly
have very few campuses in this country on which I could still set foot. I'm
certain that a vast majority of members of this list have used a megaphone
on a campus on at least one occassion, and I'm certain that virtually
everyone on this list has witnessed a megaphone being used on a campus at
one point or another and didn't feel immediately threatened by this
behaviour or feel the need to call for expulsions. 

As York President Lorna Marsden has indicated (to the media as well as to
individuals who have queried on this topic) that her decision on this matter
is final and unappealable (despite having gone through no process whatsoever
prior to the suspension being issued), Freeman-Maloy and his supporters see
no present alternative except to take this case before the courts for
judicial review and court intervention. This will, most certainly, prove to
be a costly and lengthy prospect.



Quoting David Quarter <davidquarter at sympatico.ca>:

>  Tony T.:
>   Rather than waste precious time writing a letter that she probably
> won't even bother reading, the better thing to do would be to bombard her
> office phone -- (416)736-5200. Not necessarily as direct call during 
> regular office hours...even leaving a voice message would suffice. 
> I would think nothing could be more annoying from her standpoint, and
> even if you're calling long distance, a 30 second to a minute (max) long
> distance phone charge isn't going to kill you.
>  whereas, she can just delete any hostile e-mails she receives and snail
> mail can go towards her personal toilet paper. 
> Unfortunately, we are not dealing with a reasonable person here -- first
> and foremost, she is a b**** (I say this based upon the word of mouth of
> people I know, who go to York, who have had runs ins with her in the 
> past) and one I should add (if this was not already apparent in her 
> actions) that is firmly in the hands of zionists.  So substance of
> argument won't play much into her decisioin to overturn the ruling. 
> David

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