[Marxism] RE: hitchens *cringe*

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Mon May 10 15:09:30 MDT 2004

  I see both as *vil scum, it's just that one was born that way, the 
other is a more recent convert. 

 I think it's actually an insult to Hitchen's intelligence to attribute 
his positions to "monumental mistakes". He would have to be 
extremely dum not to see that his more recent words and deeds 
butress imperialism. His positions on the U.S. empire seem more 
like the work of a talented spin-doctor. 


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> I will add though.. that i do believe Rumsfeld is evil scum, whereas 
> Hitchens is just someone who has made a monumental mistake and (maybe) 
> too proud to admit it. But still its nice to see the rats looking for 
> dryer holes to hide in.
> yftr,
> Tony
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