[Marxism] Has the torture option been taken off the agenda?

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon May 10 15:40:31 MDT 2004

Torture is, as Col Massud admitted in the Algerian War of 
Independence, an essential component in colonial wars against 
resistance elements.

Now it would seem that the Coalition military have lost a 
very valuable weapon in their struggle to subdue Iraq.

I say 'seem' because, there has been a report at Debka.com 
that the deprivation of sleep will still be allowed during 

That item has vanished from the web site, but I did believe 
it.  Sleep deprivaiton appears to be not as "bad" as the 
humiliation, sodomising, biting, beatings, murder etc that 
have flourished at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, but of course, 
as Menachem Begin pointed out in his autobiography, it is one 
of the most effective and horrible methods of torture.

So although we will not see the kind of photos of women 
posing and smirking at penises,  I have little doubt that 
after the storm settles down the Coalition will be back to 
torturing suspects.  They absolutley have no other option if 
they are to stave off military defeat.



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