[Marxism] Quantum physics as a metaphor

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Mon May 10 17:41:50 MDT 2004

Other ways to think about Heisenberg's "uncertainty principle" as a metaphor

(1) suppose that people stole from you, broke into your living quarters when
you're not there, used you for media fodder, plastered you with clones, and
spied on your private life, would this tend to make you more or less certain
(2) "women just cannot make up their mind" - true or false (check the
classic logo of the Penthouse letters column).
(3) the more deregulated a market economy is, the greater the potential for
market uncertainty.
(4) if an act of observation makes measurement impossible, another act may
make measurement possible.
(5) uncertainty is not the same as indeterminacy.


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