[Marxism] Re: The Latin American-US Realignment

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon May 10 18:23:09 MDT 2004

Julio Huato has adopted the pose of an outraged defender of Mexican 
nationalism, and refuses to admit the obvious on everything.  He challenges 
the notions that many Mexicans favor "surrendering Mexico's policies to 
Washington" as he puts it.  But they already have on multiple matters, even 
to many being in favor of modelling the entire Mexican political structure 
on the US 2 Party System.  But it doesn't stop there.

Mexicans as a whole, have supported their government joining in on the US 
Drug War debacle. There has been little rejection of the increased US 
training of the Mexican military, and the funding to fight this 'drug war' 
inside Mexican territory for the US.  Just as with the US public, the 
Mexican public by and large has applauded the effort, while often 
complaining about the way it is done.  The feeling overwhelmingly is of 
admiration for how the US fights the 'drug war', while being outraged at the 
corruption within the Mexican police and military.

Mexicans want the US to play a bigger role in policing the Mexican police. 
They have no confidence in their own national institutions of law and 
lawmen, judges and politicians. Just as the US was seen as being a positive 
force in ending the PRI dictatorship, the FBI is now seen as a positive 
force in ending the reign of terror against women throughout Chihuahua.  Let 
the FBI come in!

Similarly, the  Mexican govenment has leapt into policing immigration for 
the US, and all within Mexican borders.  So with drugs and immigration, 
Mexico as a whole has had no political problem in selling the idea of 
policing its own population in the name of 'law and order'. To do all of 
this, Mexico has become the leader in sending its military to recieve US 
military training along with all the Colombian generals and coronels.  And 
the Mexican miliatary and police operate as junior partners with La Migra 
and the US Coast Guard in oppressing other foreign nationals who try to 
cross Mexico in order to enter into the US. This is cooperation with US on a 
very important matter.

Julio, bizarrely challenges the view that Mexicans in the Northern tier of 
states are more conservative than those to the south! This, despite the fact 
that the Mexican left has been strongest in Mexico City (a huge urban 
environment of mass misery), Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Michoacan.  What 
would you have of us, Julio, a belief that the people of Sonora and Coahuila 
are somehow equally against the US led neoiliberalismo as in the areas where 
the Mexican left is stronger?  It makes as much sense as if I said that 
Oklahoma was as liberal as California!

The maqulladoras employ 1,000,000 plus workers in Mexico.  Two thirds of 
those are along the border. And each maquilladora job gives rise to another 
3-4 dependent employments alongsidde the employee directly working inside 
one of those companies.  Whereas once the internal immigration was from the 
ruaral areas to the capital, now it is simply towards the north.  And 
Mexicans know that without the US economy caputring the Mexican one 
alongside it, the Mexican bourgeosie has little to offer them.  In a sense, 
the US is seen as almost defending the  Mexican worker from his own native 
capitalist class, both in the political arena, and the economic one. Not to 
mention the legal one, too!

The widespread sentiment in the North is that native elite effort leads to 
stagnation, poverty, despair, while being captured by the US leads to 
progress, employment, and hope. The Mexican elite made a desert out of its 
rural areas, and millions fled into cities where only a corrupt patronage 
machine offered any sizable employment until the maquilladoras came along.  
What do the Mexican elites seem to offer the people?  The US offers 
employment, both in the maquilladora and as an undocumented worker inside 
the US. This has a conservatizing effect, and Julio knows this despite his 
effort at outraged national pride.

Corresponding to this conservatizing effect within the Northern states of 
Mexico, there has been a conservatizing efffect through all this economic 
activity and growth on the Hispanic community within most parts of the US.  
In Texas, the barricades are not really up at present between Anglos and 
Tex-Mex at all.  The traditional ultra economic stagnation along the Border 
has totally changed.  Wages stay down, but employment is way up from the 
previous era.  Young farm worker kids have grown up, and now they are 
management types everywhere, with cell phones on constantly.  When the 
weekend comes, it's off to Reynosa or Matamoros for family time.  Does Julio 
think that this has no effect on attitudes towards the US within the North 
of Mexico?   It does, Comrade.


Tony Abdo wrote:
>Julio's comment below is basically false, because it implies that all 
>thinking about the US, in widely different regions of Mexico, is much 

JULIO <<Do you have *concrete evidence* that the views of people from the 
North are
in favor of surrendering Mexico's policies to the Washington?  Not
anecdotes, concrete evidence.  Show it.  If not, at least try a persuasive

Of course people in different regions are different, have different
attitudes.  Attitudes are complex things.  You state that people from the
"north" are "more conservative as a general rule."  I challenge that.  They
are obviously conservative in some ways and progressive in other ways; but
as far as their political attitudes towards the U.S., they don't seem
inclined to surrender the control of their country's foreign policy to the
U.S. interest.  Or prove me wrong.>>

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