[Marxism] Call to Resistance Inside the Military from SNAFU

Dustin dustin at action-mail.org
Mon May 10 19:34:07 MDT 2004

Call to Resist

Sisters and Brothers in the Armed Forces:
Resist! Organize!
Refuse to participate in war crimes.
Join us in taking action to stop the war.

Recent revelations, including hundreds of photos, numerous 
military reports, and testimony from military and civilian 
officials reveal the true nature of this war. The torture, 
abuse, and rape of Iraqi prisoners and civilians is not 
work of a few individual soldiers. It is the direct result 
of the Bush Administration's decision to wage a
racist colonial war against an entire people. The 
demonization of the Iraqi people by the Bush 
Administration and its accomplices in the media make this 
sort of brutality inevitable. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, 
Donald Rumsfeld, and the rest of the Administration must
be held accountable for their crimes.

In speaking of crimes, we do not speak only of individual 
acts of torture. The entire process of planning and 
executing this war is a criminal act, as clearly defined 
by the Nuremburg Principles and other international laws. 
The planning of a war of aggression and waging war against 
a civilian population are clearly illegal.

Under both international and U.S. law, members of the 
Armed Forces are required to disobey illegal orders. 
Orders to engage in torture, or to attack civilian 
targets, or to participate in wars of aggression, for 
example, are illegal. Soldiers are obligated to disobey 
these orders and to report those that give the orders.

Therefore, we call upon members of the Armed Forces to:
Refuse to torture prisoners in violation of International 
Refuse to obey illegal orders.
Refuse to commit atrocities against an innocent 
Join with the people of the world and take action now to 
stop the war, and do everything within your power to 
resist and expose the crimes being committed by the U.S. 
We offer our support and solidarity to all who choose to 
follow their consicence and take action.

No enlistment contract will excuse you from your right and 
obligation to follow the dictates of your conscience. No 
oath will excuse criminal acts committed against innocent 

History will condemn George W. Bush as a liar and 
murderer, who was willing to cause the deaths of thousands 
of people for the profit of Wall Street. Will you stand 
with the war criminal Bush or will you choose to stand 
with the millions of people who oppose his fantasies of 
global empire? Don't let those monsters in Washington DC 
turn you into something less than human. Don't let them 
deceive and pressure
you ino committing acts that will haunt you the rest of 
your life. Turn against the war criminals and take a stand 
with humanity.

The resistance of soldiers helped bring an end to the war 
Vietnam. It was soldiers, participating in the Winter 
Soldier Investigation, who documented the war crimes 
committed against the people of Vietnam. Soldiers in 
Vietnam helped stop the war by deserting, refusing to go 
into combat, and committing other acts of resistance. By 
1970, the Army had 65,643 deserters, roughly the
equivalent of four infantry divisions. The war stopped, in 
part, because soldiers forced the war criminals in 
Washington to stop.

Join us in stopping this criminal war.

Veterans, military personnel, and military families--to 
endorse this
statement, send an email to resist at join-snafu.org.

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