[Marxism] RE: [historiansagainstwar] Usury & Islamic Law: anticapitalist?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue May 11 06:13:34 MDT 2004

To Douglas L. Vaughan's comments on this, it should be added that
Protestant assumptions about a personal salvation and its frequent
expectation of a secular manifestations of that salvation was
incompatible with the medieval sanction on usury.  The Catholic
Counterreformation in Europe brought the old church into line with the
Protestants.  Thereafter, Christian Europe (like the Islamic elites)
became ardent practitioners of a previously sanctioned "usury," and
reserved the term as an epithet for use against the competition.

There are analogies, I suppose, in the ability of modern states to
practice terrorism, torture, hostage-taking, etc. while reserving the
use of these words for the fervently denounced practice of the

Mark L.


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