[Marxism] Nader in the 1959 American Socialist - verification

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Tue May 11 07:02:28 MDT 2004

I have verified that Ralph Nader's article was in fact reprinted in The
American Socialist. in the year I was born. The issue is the June 1959
issue, p. 10-11. The article is preceded in that issue by an article by
Reuben Borough, "Arms Spending and the Boom", p. 8-9. The American Socialist
also featured one of the last writings of G.D.H. Cole, "The case for
libertarian socialism" (December 1959), p. 11-17. When you read through
issues of this magazine, you realise that the themes covered are still very
much with us today. Of interest also is an article by Isaac Deutscher,
"Lenin's Last Dilemma", April 1959 issue, p. 5-7.

"The most interesting field for the economist is now certainly to be found
in the United States, and, above all, during the period of 1873... until
1878 - the period of chronic crisis. Transformations - which to be
elaborated did require in England centuries - were here released in a few
years. But the observer must not look to the older states on the Atlantic,
but to the newer ones (Ohio is a striking example) and the newest
Californian f.i.). The imbeciles in Europe who fancy that theoreticians like
myself and others are at the root of the evil, might learn a wholesome
lesson by reading the official Yankee reports."
- Karl Marx to Nikolaj Francevic Danielson, 15 November 1878 (quoted in
Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe II, 14, Apparat, p. 452).

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