[Marxism] Comments on a Phelps-Brenner-Luce article on the Democrats

steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Tue May 11 10:10:38 MDT 2004

MY question: did the British Communists ASK Lenin for his assessment and
advice or was he issuing a form of fatwa for their edification?

steve heeren

"On the contrary, the fact that most British workers still follow the
lead of the British Kerenskys or Scheidemanns and have not yet had
experience of a government composed of these people—an experience which
was necessary in Russia and Germany so as to secure the mass transition
of the workers to communism—undoubtedly indicates that the British
Communists should participate in parliamentary action, that they should,
from within parliament, help the masses of the workers see the results
of a Henderson and Snowden government in practice, and that they should
help the Hendersons and Snowdens defeat the united forces of Lloyd
George and Churchill. To act otherwise would mean hampering the cause of
the revolution, since revolution is impossible without a change in the
views of the majority of the working class, a change brought about by
the political experience of the masses, never by propaganda alone."

In other words, Lenin urged the British Communists to help the Labor
Party to get elected *for the first time* because it would expose the
differences between the party's socialist verbiage and its willingness
to accommodate to the ruling class. It was a process that was critical
for the self-education of the working class that made up the
rank-and-file of the party.

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