[Marxism] One more Heisenberg metaphor... bit of blog

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Tue May 11 14:42:31 MDT 2004

Bit of blog. Feeling sad about the last fourteen years of my life, I went
for a walk through the park to clear my head, and get some fresh air rinsing
through the lungs, wake up. First of all though, I had to help my neighbour
cut through the chainlock on her bike (keys) and burnt my finger in the
process because the link we cut with a circular saw got extremely hot.

Then, on the way back, I noticed that there was a fair on one of the plaza's
in my neighbourhood. It seemed slight surreal, a noisy, glittering spectacle
with dodgem cars and everything. I was thinking of Mel Gibson's film "The
Passion of the Christ" again somehow.

I walked through it, and I decided to have a go at targetshooting, which I
enjoy, and the task was to win a prize by shooting down twelve coloured
plastic stars hanging from nails with a rifle, using twelve pellets. There
was green ones and yellow ones and red ones and blue ones... Given the
distance, it wasn't too difficult, a slightly juvenile challenge really. But
anyhow I just had to have a go, couldn't resist it, cost me 5 euro.

I shot the first six down, and then hit a red star, but somehow, hitting it
failed to dislodge it from the nail, it just kept dangling there. Thus, it
was simple math to know that I could no longer win, given the number of
bullets I had, as related to the number of stars I still had to shoot down.

However, the lady at the stall then removed the red star for me anyway,
perhaps out of sympathy for my crewcut, I don't know. I didn't stop her, and
I proceeded to shoot the rest of the stars down one after the other.

When I shot down the 11th star, I had a surprise, gee whizz, because the
yellow 12th star fell off at the same time ! So, remarkably, although
strictly speaking I had insufficient bullets, I had still managed to finish
with one bullet left. Since the lady had taken down the red star, I passed
the rifle to a boy standing next to me, and let him have a go with the
remaining bullet.

I won myself a soft toy, a yellow Pooh-bear in red pants with a lightbrown
cape, holding a black grenade. But, I went home without speaking to anyone,
still feeling broken up. It was nice to know though that, whatever had gone
wrong, I could still see out of my eyes, and shoot straight in my target

We all have to win something these days, don't we... something. Sort of like
Chairman Mao, "dare to struggle, dare to win". I decided to let my bad
feelings go, and get even. It's hard to believe just now, but it sounds good
doesn't it.

So I'm holding on to my grinning Pooh bear tonight. It's mine. I won it...
although... what if the lady had not taken down the red star ? I'll never be
able to know what the outcome would have been. But I ended up walking away
with Pooh-bear anyway.

That was the end of today's photon experiment. Whatever will be next, I
wonder ? Something's got to give, but...


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