[Marxism] RE: Can Nader Afford to Win?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Tue May 11 17:42:54 MDT 2004

Let's look at it this way instead, Juriaan. If Nader can instill enough 
emotion in this election that people actually bother showing up to vote for 
one of the Tweedles or Nader the supposed spoiler himself, and Kerry wins 
because of it???  Will Nader then be a hero to the liberal Democrats? For 
isn't that what Nader says, over and over and over, is a major part for his 
reason for running once again?  Would he then have any pull with Kerry?

My answer is that NO he wouldn't, though he would have increased 
respectability and pull amongst liberal DP voters themselvesfor actually 
helping get Bush out, and Kerry in.  That enthusiasm might be over within a 
year as Kerry shows how little change that would be, though.

<<I guess I am not supposed to engage in electoral astronomy, but suppose 
in the US presidential elections Ralph Nader took away a sufficient number
of votes from John Kerry so that George Bush won a second term. How would
Nader and the Green Party then be perceived by the Left and Liberal
electorate ? What evidence is there that with his electoral support, Nader
is able to put pressure on Kerry for more progressive government policies ?
Any thoughts ?


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