[Marxism] Subverting the succession of Raul Castro

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed May 12 07:32:05 MDT 2004

I guess everyone understands that subverting the succession of Raul
Castro, as the commission including Colin Powell recommended, means
ASSASSINATING Raul Castro.  Probably the ban on assassinations has
already been secretly, but OFFICIALLY rescinded.
There HAS to be an attempt to accellerate attacks on Cuba because of the
role Cuba is playing, including in terms of ideas and moral influence,
in the Venezuelan revolution. 
In addition Cuba has become more active in the fight to expose the
horror story that is really taking place in Guantanamo and that must far
surpass the Abu Ghraib story.
Cuba is also becoming a major force in reviving the Nonaligned movement,
especially around the issue of the Iraq war, but also on economic
The attacks on Cuba are escalating and have to because of ground US
imperialism has lost in the world, and ground that Cuba's principled
solidarity and moral behavior on the world scene is gaining.
Fred Feldman

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