[Marxism] "Certain US soldiers specialized in sodomy"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed May 12 08:37:55 MDT 2004

Male-on-male rape -- by fellow prisoners, guards, etc., and usually by
persons who do not regard themselves as homosexual in any way, shape, or
form -- is essentially  an institutionalized and open aspect of
punishment in US prisons (presented as a deterrent to crime in "Scared
Straight" propaganda about prisons aimed at youth, for instance).  The
big coverup is not just Guantanamo, which is most explosive right now,
but how much this type of punishment is part of the US justice system
and even "American" culture.
Fred Feldman
Havana. May 11, 2004

Certain U.S. soldiers specialized in sodomy

CERTAIN U.S. soldiers specialized in practicing sodomy with
Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Gharib prison, according to a
former colonel from the Iraqi Army who was detained for
three months at this center on the outskirts of Baghdad.

"The man in charge of my section raped several prisoners,
both men and women," confirmed the former military
commander in a statement published today in the French
daily Libération. Colonel Areth explained that the U.S.
soldiers "were not the only ones" who committed such acts,
as "there were also Iraqis who raped other Iraqis".

The Abu Gharib prison command, at the center of the storm
following the revelation or torture and humiliating
treatment accompanied by photographs, had organized a group
of capos from the common criminals who were responsible for
sowing terror amongst the detainees, revealed the daily.

"They are called the "murakhabine". Some 25 vigilantes were
appointed to each area by the U.S. soldiers and each one
had three criminals working under their orders. One night,
35 of these criminals raped a 17-year-old kid," affirmed
Areth. The former soldier explained that the torture and
mistreatment of detainees began after the second
interrogation session if some of the replies did not
coincide with those given during the first session 10 days
previously. (EFE)

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