[Marxism] Beheaded Man Nick Berg's Father Lashes Out against Bush'sWar

Cnyadp at aol.com Cnyadp at aol.com
Wed May 12 08:55:32 MDT 2004

Yoshie and Steve,

Everybody knows why Iraqis are in prison...It is because they are 'enemy 
combatants' as declared by the U.S. President. Their crimes are  self-evident. 
They live in an enemy country; they worship a gutter religion where God does 
not hear their prayers (according to a U.S. General); they have dark skin; 
they were  reported by their neighbors to have been  a  member of the ruling 
Bathist Party so they could make a living for their family.

These are serious crimes. In addition, like most people who live in that 
enemy country,  they are not with  us, therefore they are against us (from the 
well-known post 9-11 speech). According to the nature of these crimes they are 
not entitled to protection of  'war prisoners'  afforded in the  Geneva 
Convention. The military could not mete out the punishment required, so private 
contractors (at a profit- and without open bidding) were called in. These 
contractors  hired prison guards from U.S. prisons  who knew how to practice brutality 
but were restricted by U.S. wardens ,  they could do what was required with  
enemy combatants. 

People who live in a 'democracy' are moral ?  The  false morality when it 
hits the fan 
is sickening.  

joe dubovy   

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