[Marxism] Did Bush Sacrifice Nick Berg?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Wed May 12 10:11:52 MDT 2004

Something major is tryiong to be covered up by the US government regarding 
their arrest of Nick Berg in Iraq.  They are now trying to deny that he was 
ever in US custody there.   That despite the fact that earlier press 
coverage exists of Michael Berg being visited and questioned about his son 
during the time that his son was 'dsappeared' by Iraqi police under the 
control of the US military.

Perhaps several things might have happened?   Possibly Nick Berg was 
originally picked up by the US who feared that he might be a Leftist 
reporteer of some sort, wandering around like a free spirit in Mosul?   And 
it is well known that the US controlled Iraqi forces are not so well 
controlled after all. They might easily have tipped off news of Nick Berg's 
release from American custody and where he was released to the group that 
ended up beheading him?  Something really stinks here.

What seems to have happened, is that the US military was more concerned 
about information control than security for non-military US citizens trying 
to do business in hte 'New Iraq'.   This is what they are trying to hide 
when the US government denies that it actually had Nick Berg in custody.  
See the latest news on this effort to coverup below.

Tony Abdo

Spokesmen Says Berg Never Held by Forces
By FISNIK ABRASHI, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The young American who was shown being decapitated on a 
videotape posted by an al-Qaida-linked Web site was never under U.S. custody 
despite claims from his family, coalition spokesman Dan Senor said 

Senor told reporters that Nick Berg, 26, from West Chester, Pa., was 
detained by Iraqi police in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. The Iraqis 
informed the Americans, and the FBI (news - web sites) met with Berg three 
times to determine what he was doing in Iraq (news - web sites).

Senor said that to his knowledge, "he (Berg) was at no time under the 
jurisdiction or detention of coalition forces."

However, calls by The Associated Press to police in Mosul failed to find 
anyone who could confirm Berg was held there or why.

The U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority controls Iraqi police and 

Berg, a small telecommunications business owner, spoke to his parents on 
March 24 and told them he would return home on March 30, his family said.

But Berg was detained by Iraqi police at a checkpoint in Mosul on March 24. 
He was turned over to U.S. officials and detained for 13 days, the family 

His father, Michael, said his son was not allowed to make phone calls or 
contact a lawyer.

FBI agents visited Berg's parents in West Chester on March 31 and told the 
family they were trying to confirm their son's identity.

On April 5, the Bergs filed suit in federal court in Philadelphia, 
contending that their son was being held illegally by the U.S. military. The 
next day Berg was released. He told his parents he had not been mistreated.

His father, Michael Berg, said he blamed the U.S. government for creating 
circumstances that led to his son's death. He said if his son had not been 
detained for so long, he might have been able to leave the country before 
the violence worsened.

"I think a lot of people are fed up with the lack of civil rights this thing 
has caused," he said. "I don't think this administration is committed to 

Asked for details about Berg's last weeks in Iraq, Senor replied: "We are 
obviously trying to piece all this together, and there's a thorough 
investigation." But he said he was reluctant at this time to release 

"The U.S. government is committed to a very thorough and robust 
investigation to get to the bottom of this," Senor said. "As I said, 
everybody is shocked by the horrific images of this terrorist act."

He said "multiple" U.S. agencies would be involved in the Berg case and that 
the FBI would probably have overall direction.

Senor said that in Iraq, Berg had no affiliation with the United States 
government, the coalition or "to my knowledge" any coalition-affiliated 
contractor. But Senor would not specify why Iraqi police, who generally take 
direction from coalition authorities, had arrested him and held him for some 

"We don't want to speculate," Senor said. "Obviously it is extremely 
sensitive; and it is an extremely difficult time for the family and it would 
be highly irresponsible for us to begin speculative discussions about what 
he may or may not have been involved in."

Kimmitt said that the only role which the U.S. military played in Berg's 
confinement was to liaise with the Iraqi police to make sure he was being 
fed and properly treated.

"There may have been a lot of things that he was not, but he was still an 
American citizen," Kimmitt said.

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