[Marxism] US Government Having Diffculty Getting their Lies Straight on Nick Berg

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Wed May 12 10:33:03 MDT 2004

They had Nick Berg, but then they say they didn't.  Nick was held starting 
3-26, the FBI visits parents house' on 3-21 for interrogation, suit filed by 
dad on 4-5, release from jail on 4-6. That pretty demonstrates that he was 
held by the US military forces.  And besides, who else would it have been 
that would have released him from custody to a hotel?

West Chester contractor missing in Iraq

Saturday May 08, 2004
WEST CHESTER, Pa. (AP) Nick Berg was on his way out of Iraq. He had been 
released from the prison where he had been held for 13 days by Iraqi police 
for reasons he said he did not know. He had made his way from Mosul to his 
Baghdad hotel. He was finished with being an independent civilian contractor 
and was coming home to West Chester.

That was April 9. A month later, Berg's parents, Michael and Suzanne, still 
haven't heard from him. They've gone from concerned to frantic.

``Our hopes are that he's still in hiding or en route and traveling in a 
very slow manner,'' Michael Berg said.

A spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq who tracks the 
number of civilians missing in that country was unavailable for comment. But 
in mid-April, coalition spokesman Dan Senor said during a news briefing in 
Baghdad that about 40 people from 12 countries were missing and presumed 

Nick Berg, 26, owns a business called Prometheus Methods Tower Service Inc. 
He climbs communications towers to inspect the antennas, the electrical 
connections and the structure. He first went to Iraq on Dec. 21.

He stayed until Feb. 1, making contact with a company that indicated there 
would likely be work for him later. But he returned on March 14 and there 
was no work, so he began traveling. He usually called home once a day and 
e-mailed several times; Michael Berg is his business manager, and they 
needed to stay in touch.

They spoke on March 24, and Nick Berg told his parents he was coming home on 
March 30. Then the communications stopped, and he wasn't on the plane on 
March 30.

When FBI agents arrived at the Berg's West Chester home on March 31, they 
were relieved to know their son was alive, but in jail. The agents 
questioned them about various details that only they and their son would 
know about.

Jerri Williams, spokeswoman for the Philadelphia FBI office, said the agency 
was ``asked to interview the parents regarding Mr. Berg's purpose in Iraq.''

On April 5, the Bergs filed suit in federal court in Philadelphia, 
contending that their son was being held illegally by the U.S. military in 

The next day, April 6, Nick Berg was released. He told his parents he had 
been riding in a taxi on March 24 when he was arrested by Iraqi officials at 
a checkpoint in Mosul. He told his parents he had not been mistreated.

Nick Berg said he would come home through Jordan, Turkey or Kuwait. But by 
then, hostilities in Iraq had escalated, and Michael Berg said they have not 
heard from their son since.

The Bergs have hounded the State Department, the FBI and the International 
Committee of the Red Cross, seeking information. Michael Berg said the State 
Department sent an official to Nick Berg's hotel, where an employee told the 
official they had not heard of him.

The Bergs hired a private investigator, who talked to an American hotel 
guest who said he remembered Nick Berg.

Sometimes, they tell themselves their son ``is a resourceful fellow who can 
take care of himself,'' Michael Berg said.

``Other times we think perhaps he was dead on April 10,'' he said. ``My 
worst fear is that I'll never hear anything.''

Information from: The Philadelphia Inquirer, http://www.philly.com
(Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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