[Marxism] Re: The Latin American-US Realignment

Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Wed May 12 15:13:54 MDT 2004

>you spring out of your box as soon as somebody dares utter anything against 
>the social and national effects of the maquila.

I wrote:

"The issue is, how do maquiladoras change these perceptions?  More 
importantly, how do maquiladoras change the overall reality in which people 
live?  It's not just black or just white. Read the Communist Manifesto."

Is it too much to ask from an alleged Marxist to view a social process -- 
like the expansion of assembly-line, foreign-owned, manufacturing -- as the 
complex process it is?

I guess it is, in your case.  Because you don't reason.  You pontificate.  
And when you're caught with your pants down, you question people's motives, 
personalize the issue, and resort to sarcasm, innuendo, and insults.  I can 
do sarcasm too, and I'll do it tit for tat whenever necessary.  But, I 
understand, this makes any meaningful communication with you impossible.  
I'm not the only one to blame.  Your overriding need is to rub it in the 
face of people that you have high motives, which justify whatever idiotic 
thing you may say, while others have low motives, which invalidates whatever 
they may say.  That's in a nutshell, the story of our "debates."

That is not arguing, that's being a thug, even if the thug term has a 
"cyber-" prefix and therefore has no practical consequences beyond 
entertaining readers, or wasting their time.  I don't expect people to 
accept my arguments just because.  My arguments arise from premises that are 
different from those many people on this list adopt, implicitly or 
explicitly.  That's why I try to show respect and argue my points as 
carefully as I can.  People predisposed to reject my views have a choice.  
Those with the patience and respect to engage me reasonably may or may not 
get something positive out of it, but one thing I know for sure -- with you, 
it is impossible.  The readers will decide which arguments make sense and 
which don't.

It's our ideas we're debating.  Egos are vested.  People expose their ideas 
at an emotional cost.  But we've been in this for a long while and have our 
ways to let the punches roll and care little about reputation.  Like my late 
UH teacher, Benito Mata, used to say when facing a thorny moral dilemma: "mi 
única preocupación es dormir tranquilo" (my only worry is to sleep well).

Cheers,  :-)


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