[Marxism] A.Mani : Suggestion

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed May 12 17:30:34 MDT 2004

A.Mani wrote:

> Hello,
>        I think it would help if the sizes of the mails are increased 
> to say 90+kb instead of splitting the postings to so many.  A good 
> mail client like Mozilla suffices for reading such long mails. 

are you refering to the size of the digest, or the max size of 
individual posts?

by the way, it no longer is neccessary to split large posts (such as 
Nader in Am. Soc.) into smaller pieces. simply submit as one message, 
lou and i will be notified its over the size limit. and will then 
forward it in one piece if appropriate.

les schaffer

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